Special interest group on natural language parsing


The International Conference on Parsing Technologies

SIGPARSE meetings happen roughly every two years, in the form of the International Conference on Parsing Technologies*, or IWPT. SIGPARSE also sponsors other conferences and workshops related to natural language parsing or computational models of syntax.

Next Meeting

The next IWPT is planned for 2025. Details coming soon.

Previous Meetings

Proceedings for previous meetings are available from the SIGPARSE section of the ACL Anthology.

IWPT 2021: Online, with ACL 2021

August 6, 2021
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IWPT 2020: Online (instead of Seattle, WA)

July 9, 2020
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IWPT 2017: Pisa, Italy

September 20-22, 2017
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IWPT 2015: Bilbao, Spain

July 22-24, 2015
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IWPT 2013: Nara, Japan

November 27-29, 2013

IWPT 2011: Dublin, Ireland

October 5-7, 2011
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IWPT 2009: Paris, France

October 7-9, 2009
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IWPT 2007: Prague, Czech Republic

June 23-24, 2007
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IWPT 2005: Vancouver, BC, Canada

October 9-10, 2005
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IWPT 2003: Nancy, France

April 23-25, 2003
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IWPT 2001: Beijing, China

October 17-19, 2001
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IWPT 2000: Trento, Italy

February 23-25, 2000
After the workshop

IWPT 1997: Boston, MA, USA

September 17-20, 1997

IWPT 1995: Prague, Czech Republic

September 20-24, 1995
Table of contents

IWPT 1993: Tilburg, Netherlands

August 10-13, 1993
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IWPT 1991: Cancun, Mexico

February 13-15, 1991
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IWPT 1989: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

August 28-31, 1989
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*The initials IWPT reflect that the biennial meetings were originally called workshops. In the SIGPARSE meeting of 2005, it was decided that starting in 2007 the meeting name would be changed to International Conference, from International Workshop. The familiar IWPT name was kept, although it no longer corresponds to the initials of the conference name.